Lakehaven Plays Host to Cincinnati Property Management Companies

The quest to build a stronger and more viable property management business in Cincinnati led to the organization of a unique conference. The event which was hosted by Lakehaven had some of the leading names in the Cincinnati market in attendance. The companies which were ably represented include All property management, Real Property Management Midwest, Paradigm Property Management, Cres Property Management and Property Management Aces. The convener of the program charged each of the attendees to pay attention to the various presentations that will be made. He said that globally relevant companies will emerge after the conference.

Fellow Property Managers Enjoy a Little Recreational Golf Outing

It is important to mention that most Cincinnati, OH property management companies are currently ranked among the best in the US. The conference was to help them sharpen their skills and move their businesses to a whole new level. Beyond this, there was the need to give each player in the market an opportunity to network with other leading names in the Cincinnati property business.

The first speaker addressed the need to have a professional handle all the details relating to their company tax. He mentioned that one of the biggest challenges that people face is the ability to keep their accounts in proper shape. The speaker shared about a company that was doing so well until they ran into major issues with the IRS. He told each of the attendees the things that they can do in order to align with the provisions of the constitution. At the end of his presentation, he gave room for questions to be asked and his responses brought light to the hearts of each of the participants.

In another session, the speaker addressed the need for work and life balance. He stressed that many people fight to build their career but they do not give attention to other important aspects of life. The speaker mentioned that anyone who wants to do well in business must have strong family support. According to him, recent research by the University of Cincinnati revealed an unknown fact about the lives of senior management executives. He noted that those who have a stable family life tend to last in business for the long haul. The man went ahead to give the participants a practical test. The Speaker told everyone to do something for their loved ones which they have never done in years. He asked the attendees to send the outcome of this exercise to his private mailbox.

A decent amount of time during the program was given for people to network with their colleagues. Most businesses were able to discover areas where they could share ideas and resources. Some of them decided to float programs that will allow them to support certain charities. One of the most important outcomes of the program was the fact that the companies decided to play by the rules and not use under-the-table methods to outsmart their competitors.

At the end of the event, the convener thanked everyone for making the program a huge success. He promised that the event will be held annually in order to keep tabs with the progress each company was making.

Lakehaven Hosts 2 Week Weight Loss Event

Lakehaven has been known to host amazing events, but it has hit another high with the recent program that is designed for all its past lodgers. The event was tagged – Lose 14 pounds in 14 days at Lakehaven! It was put on by Brian Flatt, creator of The 2 Week Diet. Recently, while looking into successful diets our lead staff member did a 2 week diet review and absolutely loved the program! The program served as a reunion for people who had stayed at this location, and it gave them the opportunity to take a serious look at their health. It was mixed with fun and laughter, but each of the presentations was laced with rich insight. A few high points of the program will be listed below.

Lakehaven's 2 week diet eventThe event focused on addressing all the things that may stand between the attendees and their desired weight. One of the core ideas of the program was to help them work on their diet. Most people discovered that they might have a strong workout routine, but without the right diet, they will still put on weight. They were shown the type of food to avoid and the right time to eat certain kinds of food. Also, the event showcased the power of food to help the cells of the body to stay healthy and fight diseases. People were reminded of the fact that – we are what we eat!

Another key point at the event was the need for people to work on their mind. Everyone was reminded that they are products of the thoughts that go on in their mind. The essence of weight loss is not just to shed weight but to program the mind to help the body keep fit. It was mentioned that the brain controls what happens to the body. One of the interesting parts of the event was that people were shown how their mind has kept them stuck. Simple habits which they felt were not so important were highlighted. Everyone understood that if they actually want to lose weight, they need to pay attention to what goes into their mind.

The two-week diet was not just about the food, the mind, and the exercise; Brian Flatt emphasized that it was an all-encompassing concept. He told them that it had to do with the psychological, physiological, mental, spiritual and every aspect of human life. One of the things that Brian Flatt kept harping about was the need for people to take responsibility for their life. He said that he wanted this revolution to last a lifetime. He told everyone at the event that his passion was not just to sell his product; he said he was concerned about the fitness level of everyone in attendance.

At the end of the various presentations, people were given the opportunity to network and enjoy the facilities at Lakehaven. One of the individuals who was at the event said that most of the tips that were shared at the various sessions were an eye-opener. He stated that he would commit to keeping attending such events because there is nothing that can be compared to having a fit and healthy body.