Kitchen Remodeling project in Lakehaven: A bold move!

It can be quite interesting to overhaul the ambience, design and features in a kitchen as you look to upgrade your workflow. One of the most demanding moments in our kitchen remodeling exercise was to pick the right company to work with us. We saw countless ads which spoke glowingly about various businesses but we finally settled for a firm that has won many awards in kitchen remodeling in Long Island. The first question which was posed to us was the look we wanted in the kitchen. A few of the members of the management team wanted a more contemporary feel while others wanted something that is antique.

Kitchen Remodeling Project at LakehavenA compromise had to be reached as this Long Island remodeling company told us that they can create a mix of both designs. This was a deal-breaking moment as we watched them explain their capabilities in very clear details. The windows in the kitchen were reworked to wear a contemporary look while the cabinets had an antique feel. The hue of the wood used in the manufacture of the cabinet gave a bright look that can capture the attention of anyone who loves beauty. The company went on to install wall sockets where anyone could charge their devices while going about their duties in the kitchen.

The next challenge was the choice of the design to be used for the kitchen floor. The context of the design was to reflect everything that Lakehaven stood for while showcasing a positive frame in its outlook. One of the lead players in the project suggested the use of marbles while another suggested the use of tiles. This flooring requirement forced them to look for a way in which every unique material could come into play without negating the other. The kitchen remodeling company presented different kitchen design ideas and the management finally settled for marble.

Another major area where there was an overhaul was in the fittings that were used in the kitchen. The old gas burners and microwaves were replaced with more contemporary designs. Most of the new products that were installed in the kitchen had a compact frame and created more space in the kitchen. The walls of the kitchen were painted with the colors that represent the Lakehaven brand. The only exception was the splash of various designs on the wall which gave the wall a more endearing appeal.

Areas such as the Sink were also remodeled. The new sink has a golden hue which created the touch of royalty in the kitchen. The sink materials were made from a substance which will not give in to the effects of water; leading to any form of discoloration.

The overall outlook in the kitchen wore a very cheery and enchanting frame. The kitchen remodeling company advised that we can revamp the kitchen every 3 years in order to keep tabs with new kitchen designs. Each of the fittings came with a 12 month warranty which ensured that there will no need to run huge expenses on maintenance. The Lakehaven kitchen remodeling project has brought the business up to par with the context of serving our clients equitably.