Pest Management Companies Connect at a Unique Event

Pest Control

Lakehaven recently hosted different U.S. pest management companies across the U.S.A so they could strategize and help each other’s marketing campaigns. The event which was termed the first of its kind was attended by the leadership of the pest management companies. The theme of the program was CHAMPIONING A NEW CAUSE FOR PEST CONTROL. According to the conveners of the event, they felt that they were not maximizing the scale of expertise in their industry. They stated that their research shows that if pest control businesses must thrive then there is the need for experts to work together.

It must be stated that each of the companies in attendance were players at different ends of the spectrum. None of their businesses had any cause to be in competition with one another. For example, one of the organizations in attendance manufactured pest control products while the other focused on training personnel for pest control companies. In the course of the event, one of the speakers said he will like to talk about pest control in Corpus Christi. He stated that his findings about the peculiarities of this market will be of immense benefit to all the attendees.

The speaker said that every pest control business must find ways to be part of the daily lives of their customers. He said that any organization that does not have an active social media presence is not ready to do business. The speaker praised the companies in Corpus Christi because he discovered that virtually all of them were quite active on social media. This enabled them attend to their customers queries; educate their target about the best pest control solutions and so much more.

Another speaker addressed the need to allow the staff of the pest management companies to meet on a quarterly basis. He said that this will allow them rub minds on the best marketing strategies and they will be able to improve their bottom line. The speaker decried the lone ranger mentality that has not allowed those in the pest control niche create formidable impact in the market. He was of the opinion that the next decade for pest management businesses will be far better than the results they obtained in the past 50 years. He made this assertion based on the unique marketing concepts that will evolve through this event.

One of the leading consultants at the event that has served many FORTUNE 500 companies told them to have a driving passion. He said that they must look for a way to remain relevant in the lives of all their potential customers. The consultant urged them to sponsor community events, reach out to their customers with gifts, send goodwill messages to their customers and to keep using various channels to put a smile on the face of their customers.

The event also gave each participant the opportunity to get the contact details of the leading marketing personnel of the organizations in attendance. Each of the participants agreed to meet on a quarterly basis in order to review their progress.