Lakehaven Hosts Emergency Plumbing Seminar For New York Plumbers

There are many things that a business must do if it wants to continue to lead in its niche. One of them is to organize training that will equip the staff to meet the realities of the times. Lakehaven recently played host to emergency plumber Queens service companies. They converged to discuss their industry and chart ways that will lead to higher levels of growth. The brain behind this event is a prominent emergency plumbing service in New York. They believe that their profession can compete with other industries if the personnel is properly trained. It will not be a huge surprise to read about the topics that were discussed. The goal was to make the plumbers top class experts in their field.

Picture of a Brooklyn emergency plumbing technician fixing a sinkThe first presentation talked about the history of Brooklyn emergency plumber businesses. He shared about the early days and how they were few players in the industry. According to him, the growth that has been witnessed in this niche in the last two decades was based on some factors. One of them is that conventional plumbers discovered that they need to tweak their service if they want to remain relevant to their customers. Also, many individuals worked jobs that made them stay at home at odd hours. To get a generous chunk of business from this class of people, plumbers began working odd hours. Many individuals who are older in the firm nodded their heads as he spoke.

The next session dealt about building a reliable brand. The expert who anchored the presentation began by telling the audience to make a quick guess about the strength of their brand. Many attendees mentioned different points, but he said that your brand defines your bottom line. He expanded by saying that the degree of profit that a company generates is the sequel to how strong the brand is in the market. After this statement, he stated analyzing what every business can do to build a reliable brand. He told them that they must work with a plan that will last for the long haul. He shared horror stories about companies that tried to succeed in getting a strong brand overnight and how they failed woefully.

When he was almost through with his presentation, he gave a test to all the attendees. He asked them to list out five things that they can do to strengthen their brand. As he reviewed their answers, he told them to work at the points they listed. No one cannot build a strong brand if they pursue their goals with passion. His session was quite engaging, and the audience stood up to give him a loud ovation as he stepped down from the platform. Each of the Brooklyn plumbers in attendance began to see that some of the myths that kept their business stagnated could be broken. They believed that this seminar would open a new threshold and fresh possibilities for their business.

Local PlumberThe attendees were allowed to go on an hour break. The moderator asked them to use the opportunity to network with their colleagues. He told them that this seminar would be an annual event. When he mentioned some of the rules of the workshop as a reminder to the attendees, they nodded their heads in agreement. The break was filled with so many hearty cheers and jokes. The bond that was created through this channel could be felt. People shared personal stories about their career and the things that have helped them to get ahead. Many new friendships were created before the break was over.

During the last session of the seminar, the primary organizers asked for feedback from the attendees. Each of them shared how the topics treated at the workshop has opened their eyes to new facts. They said that the impact of the seminar would undoubtedly shape the way plumbers operate in New York. The workers thanked the organizers for the foresight in convening such as epoch-making event. As the praises and thanks-filled the room, the organizers told everyone that they would have to shut down for the day. They asked the attendees to leave their phone contacts and emails so that they can get in touch with them for future events.

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