Packing and Moving Tips From The Experts

Many reasons abound that make us move from time to time. It may be a transfer for those on white collar jobs, or simply moving into a bigger or smaller home depending on the circumstances involved. Regardless of why you are moving, getting valuable packing and moving tips from the experts will benefit you a lot if you are planning to move soon.

Moving SmartOne expert tip for packing and moving is for you to do your last shopping for grocery at least two weeks before the day you want to move. This way, you do not have to give away all the food in your refrigerator to your friends or neighbors. It is essential to plan your meals at this period in time. Hopefully, before the day you are supposed to move, your refrigerator will be free for you to wipe it down.

Since you would want to save yourself a lot of stress throwing away things you do not need anymore at the last minute, try to go through your belongings ahead of time to decide on items which you intend to keep and those which needs to be thrown away. A stitch in time they say, saves nine.

This is why you should begin packing early. Get lots of standard boxes and tapes for packing items which are still valuable to you. It is preferable for you to have all your valuable items boxed in time than to scramble for things at the zero hour. In your hurry, you may end up not carrying the things you want along with you, not to mention the stress associated with rushing over things when time seems to be running out on you.

Not every item needs to go into a standard box though. Certain items such as pillows, blankets, extra cloths, and other delicate items can be packed in your wardrobe box. The intent is to prevent them from being folded or wrinkled.

It will do you a lot of good to mark each of the boxes for easy identification. You certainly do not want to start second-guessing where to find an item when you need it after you have moved. This also explains why you should have an overnight bag packed.

Your overnight bag should contain every item you will need immediately. Just assume that you are going on a weekend to a friend’s place and pack the things you would need for a short stay away from your home. This will help you settle in comfortable because while unpacking at your new home, the items which you typically use on a day-to-day basis can be found in your overnight bag.

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For the properties that have a likelihood of being scratched, moving blankets can be used to protect them. The moving blanket will act as a sort of padding. Breakable items like a plate should be placed vertically in a divider to reduce the chances of breaking.

These tips are important if you intend to easily unpack at your new home as well as ensure you do not miss out carrying valuable items.