How Entrepreneurs Developed New Strategies for Improving their Businesses While Gathering at Lakehaven

Picture of a Hedgehog

The business environment is a big challenge for most entrepreneurs. Consequently, many of them, especially those in the hedgehog cage industry, recently met at Lakehaven to strategize about improving how they conduct their businesses. The facility is a wonderful location for hosting business conferences. The fine country home offers a beautiful view of Lake Whitney.

Attractions of Lakehaven

The beautiful country life the guests were able to enjoy includes features such as:

  • Clean, fresh air
  • Stunning scenery
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Phenomenal starry skies

The entrepreneurs were able to have a wonderful time discussing various issues pertaining to their businesses. The warm interiors made their stay in the facility comfortable. The gourmet breakfast provided them with the energy required to deliberate different issues properly. The suites and bedrooms had everything they needed to rest after the tiring but fruitful discussions.

The country home afforded the entrepreneurs great outdoor facilities where they spent time relaxing their minds. The home has beautiful surroundings filled with some of the most spellbinding attractions around Lake Whitney. Apart from these, entrepreneurs were also able to take part in wide-ranging activities when they were not in serious discussions.

Hedgehog Cage Issues

Some of the issues they spoke about revolve around mistakes worth avoiding, which include:

  • Wire cage floors
  • Using wood
  • Fitting animal proof tops to protect the hedgehogs
  • Using aquariums

Over the years, new hedgehog owners have wrongly used glass aquariums as hedgehog cages. Aquariums lack the ventilation hedgehogs require to live well and healthily. Aquariums tend to behave like ovens, thus placing the life of the hedgehog at great risk. These structures are hard to keep clean; hence, the wrong choice to use as hedgehog cages.

The businessmen also discussed the disadvantages of using wire cage floors for housing hedgehogs. Structures with wire cage floors are risky for hedgehogs. It’s easier for the little animals to fall partially through the floors of such structures. This often exposes the hedgehogs to the possibility of suffering serious broken limbs.

The ease with which wood absorbs urine makes it the wrong material for a hedgehog cage. The Lakehaven meeting also delved into this issue. The hedgehog cage entrepreneurs discussed this issue in great detail and concluded that people using wood should be discouraged from this habit. Absorption of urine makes the structures quite stinky.

The business people discussed about the dangers of using cages made of ramps or shelves. Such structures make it easier for hedgehogs to fall through and suffer some potentially serious injuries. A hedgehog might be quite small, but this does not insulate it from suffering injuries from a fall. It’s better to buy cages made of ramps and ledges fitted with solid railings.

Lastly, the meeting of hedgehog cage entrepreneurs also looked at the issue of failing to fit their structures with animal proof tops. The tops are necessary for people who have more than one type of pet. Other pets can find their way into the hedgehog cage, thus causing hedgehogs plenty of distress. Fitting the cages with animal proof tops is an effective way of protecting hedgehogs.