Lakehaven Lodges Famous Texas Bail Bonds Company

Lakehaven has been known to play host to many A-list players in various industries. It recently took its game to a whole new level when it hosted a great Texas Bail Bonds Company. This organization met at Lakehaven to strategize their plans for the coming year. The CEO had been at this location with his family, and he loved the environment. He decided to bring his staff to this place as he believed that it would be the ideal location to make plans that will move their business forward. Most of the staff had not been to this place, so they were given time to go around the environment. The staff loved the open spaces, lush grasses, beautiful flowers and the well-designed edifice.

Picture of the Bail Bonds Bros members from El Paso, TexasDuring the latter part of the day, their business development meeting held in a large hall. The CEO told them that it was expedient to take a quick overview of their organization’s history. He stated that they were one of the first Bail Bonds El Paso companies to create a social media community for their clients. In his words – ‘’We understand that these individuals need more than a quick lift out of a challenging situation. Most of them want to have a sense of belonging. This is why we are excited to stand with them till they find their feet.’’ The staff applauded as they were quick to attest to the fact that the company has touched many lives.

The next session saw the staff sharing about their experiences since they began working for the bail bonds company. One of the pioneer team said that he would thank providence for bringing him to the enterprise. At the time, he wanted a change in career but did not know where to turn. He was constantly reading things on the internet such as Forbes and other publications but did not know what to do. When he got to the company, the CEO told him about the goals of the business and what he intends to achieve in the next five years. This dream sparked something in the staff, and he decided to work for his boss. He said that for the past 25 years, he does not have any regret making that decision. Also, he counseled other staff to give their best in the discharge of their duties.

Several staff spoke about how they joined the company before the moderator asked them to break into groups. He said that each group was to come up with a single idea that can boost the profit level of their business in the coming year. The session was quite interactive and so many great ideas were shared at the end of the session. The CEO stated that the management team would implement 3 of the best ideas in the coming year.

One of the staff stood up to thank the CEO for giving them a sense of belonging. He said that he had visited a few places, but there is no place like Lakehaven. He stated that the meeting would help the company to move their operations to a whole new level. The CEO only smiled and told the staff that there would be more surprises in the coming days. He admonished them to put in their best at work.