Conference For The Sacramento Electrical Contractor Community

The recent conference organized by the Sacramento Electrician community was a huge success. A list of the companies that were in attendance includes AAA Electrical service, Griffin Electric, A1 Electrical and James Young Electrical services. It was a gathering that every electrician in Sacramento, CA will attest to its effectiveness. The meeting highlighted some of the new laws that were passed by the electrical union. They included the basic support that will be given to an electrical business that was just starting out. Everyone lauded the robust packages that were outlined in the new law for young electricians. The conference was an opportunity to enable every member of the union air their views.

A picture of a Sacramento Electrical professional making an installMost of the Sacramento electrical contractors complained about the increased levies that were placed on their business. They felt that it was not justified because no one really depended on the union to keep their organizations running. After a huge banter on the subject, the President of the union highlighted the reasons for the levy. One of them was that the union wanted to do more in helping young electricians get established. He further reiterated that electricians near Sacramento will also benefit from this package. The goal of this new drive was to make it easier for people to build their career as electricians.

One of the most successful Sacramento Electricians Joseph Gallo in his remark thanked the organizers of the event. He said that he did not have this opportunity when he was starting out as an electrician. Mr. Gallo said he will quickly address two issues that were dear to his heart. The first one was that the conference should be focused on the greater good of everyone. There was nothing wrong to help young electricians but not at the detriment of those who have spent many years building their career. His position was that everyone should be proud to associate with the union based on the benefits they derive.

A picture of the beautiful SacramentoThe second motion that he raised was that the conference should be made a part of the annual activity for electricians in Sacramento. He said it was important not to make it a one-off event. His argument was that issues may arise in the course of the year that can affect their operations. There was a need to have a place that everyone could rub minds and share ideas. Mr. Gallo’s points were well taken and most of those in attendance decided to adopt it as one of the agreements reached at the conference.

An overview of the context of electrical services and repairs was made. One of the things that the conference sought to address was that most electricians were unprofessional. They decried the use of hidden charges which was giving their practice a bad name. It was agreed that every Sacramento area electrician that used hidden charges to run their operations will be penalized. The conference touched on building a housing estate for all certified electricians in Sacramento. The group agreed to deliberate on the subject and other issues during their next annual meeting.