Lakehaven Plans Emergency Plumbing Seminar Retreat in Brooklyn, NY

Lakehaven has decided to help other industries in the area to raise the game in their business. They listed some industries that will be assisted to improve productivity and sales. As part of their unique plan, they plan to organize an Emergency Plumbing Seminar Retreat in Brooklyn, NY. This event will be led by the Emergency Plumbing Squad who are frequent patrons of Lakehaven. Also, the plumbing company recently announced that they are making Lakehaven a partner and the official location for all their events. This move was printed in the newsletter that was shared among their clients. In a sense, it gave Lakehaven a good publicity that improved the patronage that they enjoy.

Picture of a Brooklyn based plumber fixing sinkOne of the reasons for this program was that it was discovered that there is a drop in the service of some plumbers. According to a survey sponsored by Lakehaven, it was stated that when you call a plumber for emergencies; the response rate is slower than what you got a decade ago. They listed some of the issues that led to this challenge such as the rise in the number of clients that these companies serve, shortage of the right personnel, etc. Lakehaven stated that they are poised to help the plumbing technicians get back to winning ways. They said that they do not mind sponsoring the event in a series to address all the concerns that are faced by customers.

A group of emergency plumbers has already applauded Lakehaven for this smart move. It was reported on their website that Lakehaven is showing the way for other corporate organizations to emulate. As a way of saying thank you, some of these professionals pledged that they are open to working for free at Lakehaven for a year. To show that there was no catch to the event sponsorship, the CEO of Lakehaven quickly issued a statement that thanked the plumbers, but he declined the offer.

A committee was set up to look at ways to help plumbers in other US States to have such an event. They believe that once the issues which are being addressed are accepted on a national scale; every stakeholder will be better for it. A Staff of Lakehaven who chose to speak on condition of anonymity stated that โ€“ “Our favorite plumbers for dealing with emergency repairs is the Emergency Plumbing Squad. We appreciate other great brands in the market, but this company is way above their league.โ€™โ€™

Most of the participants at the event have pledged to review the prices for the services that they offer. They believe that Lakehaven has shown that business is not all about the profit. To keep the chain going, they will pass the benefits to their customers. Some key speakers that will participate in the event have already issued statements to confirm their availability. It is on record that no company has been able to organize this type of seminar until Lakehaven stepped in. The reviews and other comments from industry watchers will help to point people to the future of what the emergency plumbing industry will look like.