Conference For The Phoenix Emergency Dental Pros

Each of the Lakehaven Business conferences that were recently organized by the Phoenix Emergency Dental Pros was a huge success. The conglomeration of the best emergency dentists in Phoenix has raised the bar for the practice. Experts from around the world shared their insights; spoke on the extensive research they have made in relations to emergency dentistry and so much more. In the spirit of the event, a good number of emergency dentists applied for positions at the emergency dental Phoenix office.

A picture of the city of PhoenixThis event proved to be a turning point that would position the Emergency Dental Pros as one of the best Phoenix Emergency Dental facilities. Different speeches were given on the need for leading 24 hour dentists in Phoenix to brace up to the demands of excellent service.

Many of the presentations raised the need for greater awareness of the use of technology in order to expedite urgent dental care for patients. A topical analysis about the new federal and state regulations that affect their practice was addressed. It was discovered that the State of Arizona has one of the best laws that govern the act of administering emergency dental care. One of the dentists pushed for greater coalition to influence the State Congress to pass more laws that would facilitate a more professional environment for handling dental emergencies in Phoenix.

At a break-out session that was held later in the day, the ways to bring quick relief for those suffering from Dental trauma was raised by a Dentist who flew in from Italy. He spoke about the advanced use of various medications and tools to address such concerns in his country. He was quick to mention that some of the drugs were yet to be produced for International export but that he would want everyone in the house to be aware of the new medical breakthrough. Further in his address, he said that every dental emergency has some common themes and that each expert must continually think on their feet in order to deliver the best solutions.

The conference observed a 1 hour break that allowed emergency dentists to network and unwind. An interesting observation during the break was the ability of most of the dentists to converse in various International languages. It was easy to see a Russian speaking English fluently while some emergency dentists based in the US were making their cases in French. The room was charged with the emotional connections that came from experts who are passionate about moving their practice to the next level. It is on record that no gathering of emergency dentists in Phoenix, AZ, had witnessed this kind of huge turnout.

There were a few notable dentists based in Phoenix, Arizona who were part of the proceedings. They include Dr. Russell W. Roderick of Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Bruce Lee Nelson who runs the Bruce Nelson’s Practice, Dr. Marissa Rubio Ellis who is the owner of the Marissa Rubio Ellis’ Practice and a host of others.

a picture of Jason Pitman owner of the Phoenix Emergency Dental ProsThe second part of the conference began with a presentation on the need to run an efficient emergency dental practice. The speaker noted that it was a given that every emergency dentist is on call – 24/7 and that they must be up to par to match the realities of the times. He said that the few lapses that have been witnessed in their practice does not speak well of the industry. His speech heralded the entry of the owner of Phoenix Emergency Dental Pros, Dr. Jason Pitman.

Dr. Jason Pitman’s speech was full of well processed data and contemporary facts. His rich presentations, prowess in the practice, his international experience and robust professional applications held everyone in awe.

There were intermittent shouts and applause as he kept speaking on critical issues affecting their practice. It was clear that Dr. Pitman had a great mastery of the emergency dental world. He was yet to finish his speech when the dentists from around the world gave him a standing ovation. Dr. Pitman wrapped it by throwing a huge challenge for more experts to rise to greater service delivery levels. The applause did not end as it went on for about 5 minutes after he ended his speech. It was clear that he had broken the glass ceiling for every emergency dentist that attended the Lakehaven Business conference.