Lakehaven Recently Hosted Suffolk County Home Inspectors

It is pertinent to keep sharpening your career knowledge and giving people the tools that will make them soar in their career. This was the reality at the conference recently held at Lakehaven for Suffolk County Home Inspectors. For over three years, some executives had been musing about the need to bring their staff together for training. In the early part of the year, a Huntington home inspection company decided to take the bull by the horn. The result of their event spurred other organizations to put together various training programs quickly. In a sense, the home inspection industry has been better due to these numerous events.

Picture of a home ispector from the Huntington station areaThe conference began with overviews about the realities as it relates to a home inspection in Huntington, NY. People were reminded that they were serving high caliber clients. The need was reiterated for home inspectors to be knowledgeable about world events. According to the moderator, there was the need to be able to engage their clients in very healthy discussions. Although this may not be directly related to home inspection, it has a way of increasing the perceived value that home inspectors enjoy. A few topics that were raised include subjects in Sports, the weather, politics and so much more. This session was an eye-opener as many attendees saw that a little tweak in their approach could improve their bottom line.

Also, another presenter talked about the need to look at various resources to get top facts about their business. He mentioned as a place that could point people in the right direction. He told each participant to take full responsibility for their career and seek for ways in which they can grow. He said that the internet abounds with many great ideas and that people can use clues from well-established organizations to build their brand. At the end of his presentation, he allowed the attendees to ask questions. A few of them worried about the challenge of facing lawsuits for copying ideas from other firms. The presenter clarified that there was no need to copy as the resources could be used to stimulate and strengthen their existing ideas.

The next session allowed people to share about the challenges they face as home inspectors. One of the men in the audience talked about the language barrier. He mentioned a case where he had to serve a Spanish family that had just relocated to the US. The moderator said that many apps teach people the basics of foreign languages. He advised home inspectors to take advantage of this channel to be able to serve a broad range of clients. Also, he said that the companies that have a large budget could employ individuals who speak various international languages.

At the end of the conference, many of the attendees were fully charged to take on their world. They were quite grateful to the organizers of the event and promised to work with the things that they have learned. The event ended with the promise that another program that will be full of value will be put together in six months time.

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